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Home > Unusual / Special Operating Conditions for caster wheels

Unusual / Special Operating Conditions for caster wheels

AUTHOR : Date : 3/20/2013 4:27:29 AM

Often unusual operating conditions require selection of casters and wheels with special features. Listed below are several guidelines for selecting casters for special conditions:

• The presence of acids, oils or corrosive chemicals require wheels made of polyurethane, phenolic, polyolefin or steel.

• Extreme temperatures require special bearing lubricants or plain bore bearings.

• Never use rubber tread wheels in corrosive environments.

• In hospitals, bakeries and food processing plants where cart washings are required, select nickel-plated casters with raceway grease seals and zerk grease fittings.

• For very frequent wash down applications or wet environments, specify stainless steel casters.

• In textile plants and laundries, specify casters with thread guards to reduce the collection of thread, string and general floor debris.

• For office machines such as copiers which require a low load height, choose Flywheel business machine casters and low profile casters.