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Bolt hole TPR wheels casters

Bolt hole TPR wheels casters
Product name : Bolt hole TPR wheels casters
Item : 04HT100TPR1
Details :

Medium duty TPR bolt hole caster

  • Item : 04HT100TPR1
  • Wheel diameter :75x32mm,100x32mm,125x32mm
  • Wheel materials : TPR
  • Fittings :Rigid,screw thread,swivel,bolt hole,steel stem 
  • Wheel bearings : Single bearing /Double bearing
  • Load capacity : 80kg,90kg,100kg
  • Housing:Made of pressed steel,double ball race
  • Plated: Zinc/Black Lacquer/Chrome

Function Wheel Material Item No. Wheel Diameter Tire Width Installation High Bolt  Hole size Capacity (KGS)
Hole Topped  TPR   04HT75TPR1 75 32 107 φ10.3φ12.8    80
04HT100TPR1 100 32 130 φ10.3φ12.8    90
04HT125TPR1 125 32 155 φ10.3φ12.8    100

Widly used as platform trolley castors,shopping trolley casters ,Handtruck casters,trolley casters,Hand cart casters,transfer facility casters,carts casters,warehouse trolley castors wheels, luggage barrow casters, fourgon casters,luggage trolley casters, platform hand truck castors wheels.

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